Board Members

 Meet the Board of Education

The Ocean Township Board of Education consists of nine members.
 Members are elected for three-year terms and serve without pay.

In order to increase communications between students and the Board of Education two student representatives are elected to the board as non-voting members. The student representatives are seniors at Ocean Township High School who are entitled to attend all non-executive meetings and to participate in discussions involving matters pertaining to the board.

 The Superintendent of Schools, James Stefankiewicz, serves as a non-voting member of the Board of Education and is chief administrative officer of the board.

         Township of Ocean Board of Education 

Michael Palutis, President

Denise Parlamas, Vice President

Steven Clayton, Board Member

James Dietrich, Board Member

Janice Fuller, Board Member

Joseph Hadden, Board Member

Dr. David Marshall, Board Member

Amy McGovern, Board Member

Jeffrey Weinstein, Board Member

Emily Dorony, Student Representative

Jessica Weinstein, Student Representative