Ocean Township Board of Education Sponsorship Program

The Township of Ocean Board of Education has recently adopted policy #9720 "Advertising and Sponsorships". Through this policy the Board of Education wishes to forge a mutually beneficial relationship with organizations and local businesses. Your organization would receive various acknowledgements as an Education Sponsor in exchange for a one time yearly fee.

This sponsorship fee could place your advertisement or acknowledgement in some 12 community and school publications throughout the year that will be read by all staff, students, parents, and community members of Ocean Township. Your organization's advertisement could be prominently displayed on the District website with a link to your site. Your company name could be prominently displayed on a sign under a varsity sport scoreboard. Acknowledgements at award dinners, sporting events and Board of Education public meetings may also be included in this one time fee. Customized donations or sponsorships are also available. Proceeds from the sponsorship fees will be utilized to defray the cost of education and to increase the funds available for educational technology.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the application form below and return to my attention as soon as possible. The advertising period will begin September 1 and continue through August 31. For more information on Advertising and Sponsorships please read the material below.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call (732) 531-5600 ext. 3100.

Very truly yours,

School Business Administrator

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