Wayside Elementary

image of Denise Palaia, Principal
Denise Palaia, Principal


School Year Hours:
 8:45 AM - 3:15 PM

PreSchool Disabilities:
8:50-11:20 AM; 12:40-3:10PM

All Day PreSchool:

   733 Bowne Road
Wayside, New Jersey 07712

Directions to School
   Main Number 732-531-5710 
   Main Office  Extension 5000
   Nurse's Office  Extension 5010
   Anti-bullying Specialist:
Denise Palaia, Extension: 5001
   Anti-bullying District Coordinator
Kelly Weldon
163 Monmouth Road,
Oakhurst, NJ 07755
732-531-5600, Extension 3200

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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Community Members,

Welcome to Wayside School - a special place to learn and grow! Wayside is a great school due to the teamwork of parents, children, teachers and support staff. We believe that our environment fosters open communication, positive self-concept and active listening. The manner in which children are treated and talked to by parents, peers and teachers contributes to future abilities to cope, solve problems, engage indecision-making strategies, communicate with peers, and interact in the adult world. Here at Wayside we have the opportunity to put these essential life skills into practice each day. We are the largest and most diverse of the three elementary schools in the Ocean Township school district grades PK- 4.

Our teaching faculty strives to help all children reach their true potential and have the ability to differentiate instruction and meet their individual needs. Our comprehensive curriculum provides a variety of experiences and is continually updated to address New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Standards.

We think it is important for children—all children—to understand themselves on many levels. This understanding helps them identify what comes easily to them, as well as what they need to work a bit harder on. It also helps them address their feelings about themselves, their peers, and the world around them.

“Remember to respect one another and always do the right thing!” is our school motto. Our goal is to work together so that we can all learn and grow. Respecting each other’s likes and differences is essential in creating a happy and safe learning atmosphere. Here at Wayside, with a great team, we will reach new heights.


Denise T. Palaia
Wayside Elementary School

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